Marvellous Mixed Media

Marvellous Mixed Media - For ARTastic (November 2013)
What is mixed media?
From the Oxford Dictionary
Mixed Media
noun = a variety of media used in an entertainment or work of art
adjective - (mixed media) another term for multimedia
Another definition is the use of two or more media to produce an art work.

This really does break it down and I bet about now you are going, "Hey that's what I do all the time!"

You would be right.

When I look at the art that I enjoy creating the most it is without a doubt mixed media - Every surface, every colourant and every embellishment is chosen and placed to enhance my story.
Come for a walk with me as I break down my ARTastic sample for November.

The inspiration?  My Super Star who has just made the most wonderful sculptures for our garden.

I visited his shed and picked up bits of flotsam off the workbench and even the floor.

The Process - I think what it is that I want to say and I gather together anything and everything that I think would be interesting - Not ALL this makes it into the finished art piece!
The Materials to use?   Would you believe the packaging from a Prima Stencil and an image from a music book - which was eventually turned sideways. Gesso was randomly applied through my new stencil.
 The texture and the nod to the outdoors caught my eye with the above fabric which became the base.

I have a stash of these long obsolete microfiche. It is the colour and graphics that appeal to me.

The Process

Layers of distress ink were sponged onto the photo layer. Then a stamp with wheels and cogs was randomly stamped for textures and interest.

The microfiche were put through an embossing folder and then stamped with the textural 3D Stamp Paint.
Initially I made a collage of all the images but it was too blocky and so I split it apart.

Then  I took a little thinking time!
Placing items for a cohesive look and creative problem solving with adding elements then followed.
String from the shed floor, a metal tag, a fabric piece and the front of a playing card were used here.
 The dictionary definition for tinker was glued to a bamboo tile while the other tile holds the best card in the pack down - describes Super Star perfectly. Notice too the staples and the grommets with braid.
The curve of the backround image reminded me of the metal that Super Star loves to play with so I echoed this curve with some braid and tiny washers painted green.
I let it all dry for a while with a heavy book on top. then I finished the edges with the Viva Decor Stamping Paint. My Mixed Media makes me happy and that to me is what it is all about. Story telling and memory making with a huge serve of art thrown in.



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