Saturday, 25 April 2009

Team Being Finalised

Thanks to all the girls who sent in an expression of interest to be part of the ARTastic team. I will be finalising the team tomorrow :). The end of April is coming quite quickly so only a few more days to send in entries and make a comment for the prizes :)

The following Layout is by Shazza and is called "Attracting Butterflies" Shazza has used Gustav Klimt's "Sea Urchins"as inspiration.

here is what she shared about her creation

The colors he used for the sea urchins reminded me of colorful butterflies, so I
went with this concept.I also added three elements which Gustav klimt was
renowned for.The first is the love of cats, so I included a cat in the corner
of the layout clawing at a butterfly flying past.The second was his fixation
with "Red Heads", my lady has beautiful wavy red woolen hair.The third is his
use of gold leaf in his painting,I have included four gold butterflies in my

Shazza used some celebrity eyes in here sample can you guess who??

And heres one of mine. I really enjoy the use of shape and draw my inspiration from this when designing my layout.

Until next time :)


  1. Shazza, I like the way you included elements Klimt was renowned for... that is so clever!

    Allison, I love your layout too... the angular lines make the layout look dynamic and fun, while still making the photo the focus!

    Beautiful work all round!
    xxx Vanilla

  2. clever layout Shazza!!and i have no idea who the celeb

    Ally love how there is so many elements but they dont distract from the photo!!