Monday, 27 July 2009

This one is all the way from Canada!

Dinnae Galloway - growing up ... so fast

Here's what Dinnae said about her masterpiece.........I'm a multi-photo scrapper, so I decided to warhol-ise a series of pics I'd taken of Shan last week. I've been itching to do something like this for YEARS Shazza - so here was my "excuse" to bite the bullet and do it! I didn't do the full warhol-isation, as in, take out all of the shading, as I wanted to keep the features of Shan's face... but, I did cut out the background, used bright crazy colours... and well, had a stinkin' fun time doing it! I hope you like!

Ooh! Dinnae, I more than like it I think it looks super, you really got into this challenge. I'm glad you left in some shading I think you would of lost those goegeous facial expressions. Love the stitching too... Cheers Shazza


  1. fantastic layout Dinnae...lovin those cute pics too!!

  2. Awesome LO Dinnae! Loving the black framing of the photos.

  3. thanks ladies! i had a blast doing it, and accomplished a long goal by doing it too!

    shazza, the stitching was painstaking (it always is, unless i use my machine!), but i just love the effect of hand stitched lines on a page.

  4. I thought those stitches were drawn on! Respect just went up a few more notches lol. Love the layout

  5. Hello all the way from Canada!!
    Love this layout and the gorgeous photos too!