Sunday, 16 August 2009

Mini ART Exhibition......

Hi All,

We have had seven fantastic entries for this months Andy Warhol challenge. There is still plenty of time to submit an entry for the month, using this criteria:


Here is a Mini Art Exhibition of the entries we have had so in no particular order, I present:

Dinnae Galloway - growing up ... so fast


Marisa Page - Everyday Chores


Michelle Beeby - A Colourful Life is a Life well Lived!


Brenda Wyllie - Faces


Josie - My Wedding


Amanda Taylor - A smile from a cutie


Joanne Powell - Moments are Memories Forever.



  1. WOW ! So many gorgeous interpretations !
    Dinnae and Amanda, your little boys are too cute !
    Marisa and Josie, your photographs
    are so precious !
    And I love the pop art pics used in Michelle's, Joanne's and Brenda's LO's. I think the clock is a brilliant idea too !
    Well done girls, and thanks for entering this month.
    Hope we see more of your fab work in the months ahead !

  2. such a gorgeous bunch of layouts - all so different but so warhol. thanks for joining in! :)

  3. You girls should be so pleased with your works. They are all so unique & very Warhol in interpretation. Congrats to all!

  4. How great does the blog look! So bright and colourful with all of the different takes on Warhol! Fantastic layouts... looking forward to September! xxx

  5. i LOVE the photos in this one. Awesome work!
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  6. I can't wait for the next months challenge. I have never known a month to go so slowly before lol.