Saturday, 19 September 2009

Another Kandinsky interpretation from.....

Judy Watson - Flood

This is what Judy had to say......
Hi, was looking for inspiration & found your blog. Loved the Kandinsky piece - so much apparent confusion with the angles & dramatic lines but also a solid central area.

Made me think of the terrible flood we had here last year so I decided I would use the art work to say something about how surreal that day seemed. So much chaos with so many homes & belongings destroyed, but in the midst of that the flooded street looked quiet & almost serene.
I printed 4 photos of the flooded street, each one with different filters to create more abstract images to reflect how it all seemed unreal. The pics of some of the ruined belongings added the red highlights that stood out in the Kandinsly piece. And of course the clock & hands represent the way the disaster seemed to stretch out in time.
Thanks for getting me motivated.

The journalling reads: a surreal morning... constant rain, kids swimming in the lake that was once a street - strangely beauticul but oh, the chaos left behind, ruined possessions & a lifetime's collections.

Judy , this is an awesome layout, love your clock hands and geometric shapes a well balanced piece of art work........ Its seems to be one thing or the other, floods up north or bushfires down south, there are some dramatic pics in your layout. I hope you were not affected directly by the chaos and devastation!! - Shazza


  1. wow judy this is beautifully done!!! love everything about it...
    thanx shazza for telling me about this fab blog i cant wait to play along too :)

  2. What a fantastic LO Judy. Stunning work! :)

  3. you've put a lot of thought into this Judy - it's fantastic.

  4. I love your interpretation of kandinsky, your layout speaks volumes, thanks for sharing Judy. cheers

  5. I love your interpretation too!!
    Just amazing and dramatic your layout is which follows the situation of the floods.
    So many little things to see too with the black rubons and clock hands.
    Looks fantastic!!

  6. this is amazing, love all of this, you have interpreted the challenge beautifully, well done on a great entry

  7. Brilliant interpretation Judy ! The overall design of the page is very pleasing to the eye, and your photos obviously tell an amazing story.
    Well done !!!

  8. Wow Judy! What a stunning layout... I love the way you added different filters to the photos. You have put so much work into this and the layout is fantastic! xxx

  9. This is an amazing interpretation I just love it and agree with everyones comments