Sunday, 27 September 2009

ART Trivia Quiz - for a bit of fun!

ART Trivia Quiz - Test your knowledge about the Great Artists,
painting techniques and art in general.


Open to everyone - followers of this blog site, entrants and DT members, international scrappers welcome!

Email answers to (ARTastic Trivia Quiz in subject line)

Quiz closes midnight Wednesday 30th September

All correct answers will go into a hat and a winner will be drawn

Prize = RAK of goodies


All answers can be found on the internet... hint.......use google!
Unless of course you know the answers!

Question One - What is a primary color?

a) any color of the rainbow
b) a color made by mixing two others
c) a color that can't be made by mixing others together
d) a color made by mixing 3 colors together

Question Two - Which artist made the quote "The more frightening the world becomes...... the more art becomes abstract"

a) Picasso
b) Kandinsky
c) Leonardo da Vinci
d) Van Gogh

Question Three - How many paintings did Leonardo da Vinci create?

a) fewer than 100
b) fewer than 50
c) fewer than 30
d) fewer than 10

Question Four - A lot of Kandinskys art was destroyed by:

a) his mother
b) the Nazi party
c) an enraged wife
d) fire

Question Five - Who is credited with Picasso with having started Cubism?

a) Mondrian
b) Pollock
c) Cezanne
d) Braque

Question Six - How long did it take Michelangelo to paint the fresco on the ceiling of the sistine chapel?

a) Forty years
b) Four years
c) Four months
d) Four weeks

Question Seven - Can you use a prestretched canvas straight out of the wrapper?

a) Yes, if it has been primed
b) Yes, if it hasn't been primed
c) No, you need to let it air without the wrapper on for at least 2 days
d) No, you need to sand it first and apply a primer

Question Eight - At what age did Kandinsky give up a promising career teaching law and economics to enroll in art school?

a) 21
b) 26
c) 30
d) 35

Question Nine - Which of the following hairs are not use in commercial paint brushes?

a) Goat
b) Badger
c) Squirrel
d) Human

Question Ten - What is sfumato?

a) A painting dominated by browns or earth colors
b) A painting technique in which colors blend softly into each other
c) A painting where the varnish has turned yellow



  1. I love a good quiz... will have a go at this for sure! xxx

  2. Hey your blog and will really enjoy doing your challenges...just emailed you the quiz...had fun doing it...take