Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Next up is.......

Amanda Taylor - Clean and Spunky

I took inspiration from the colours in the painting, and did some swiping and swirling with white paint cos thats what you initially see when you look at the painting, and used some circle and star charms because there are some circles at the top of the painting, had heaps of fun doing this thanks for the great challenge, I
hope you like it!

Great fresh layout Amanda. Love your swirls of paint representing the swirly sky. What a great pic of Connor.......just look at that adorable face!! Well done - Shazza


  1. Hiya Amanda, what a gorgeous photo! Love the way you have added paint to your layout too! xxx

  2. Spunky is right Amanda !!! Love your swiping and swirling of paint !

  3. Very creative with the paint Amanda! What a great idea!!

  4. this is lovely...great dreamlike quality with the

  5. i'm lovin the embellie to have really.