Wednesday, 9 September 2009

We Have a Double Banger :) from.......

Lisa Lofthouse - Gods or Christ?



Lisa said......I did a double page LO because I like doing them and I had sooooo much journalling to add. I was inspired by the colours and the bold lines on the painting. This is what the journalling says: All over the temple at Luxor is evidence of how the early Christians tried to destroy the local beliefs. Photo 1. Shows the effigy of Rameses, his wife and his son carved into a cross shape. Photos 2 and 3 Show heiroglyps that have been plastered and painted over. The conundrum? Which art work do they preserve?

A great double layout Lisa, how lucky to go to Egypt, that is definately on my travel wish list. Interesting journalling, and a great take on the challenge. Its good to get some travel layouts done - Shazza


  1. awesome double LO lisa, love your take on the challenge, and how lucky of you to go to egypt

  2. love your very effective and a double to boot!!! WELL DONE.

  3. This is such an interesteing LO. I enjoyed reading your journaling! :)

  4. I love how you made this into a double LO. Beautiful work on the challenge.

  5. Love the way you created a double layout!
    Great journalling too! xxx

  6. WOW ! A double ! Well done Lisa. What do you think the answer is ??? I'll tell you mine if I get to Egypt one day !