Wednesday, 14 October 2009

We have an entry from Norway..................

Gladie - Autumn Nebula

This is what Gladie had to say........
Hi, here's my take on the Starry Night challenge :)
The photo is actually of leaves in a pond, but I think it look almost like a starry night & nebula. I love this photo, and I needed it to fill the page. Thank you so much for the inspiration :)
Hugs, Irene aka Gladie

Wow! This is very unique Gladie, love that photo and so glad you could use it for the 'Starry Night' challenge. It resembles the night sky perfectly, Very creative :) - Shazza


  1. omg i love this to bits, just brilliant

  2. That is a beautifully artistic photo Gladie! How clever to associate it with the artwork.

    Shelee :)

  3. What a stunning photo... the colours are so beautiful and crisp! This really does look like a night sky filled with stars! xxx

  4. A wonderfully clever analogy Gladie, and indeed a superb photograph !
    Beautiful work !

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comments :D