Friday, 20 November 2009

Have a look at this next fab layout......From....

Michelle Beeby - BB

Ok, if you knew how many times I tried to do this one, finally I settled on pulling the colours from the picture - hope it's suitable, was a toughy this month!! Enjoyed the challenge though, thank you! - Chelle
The journaling says:
At the end of the day, these are the people that are most important to me. These are the people I live for. These are the people that I would give my life for. These are the people that I love. Yes, at the end of the day, my family is enough.
And then the bottom bit (around the heart, if you can't see it, says:
I have learned that being with those you love is ENOUGH.

Hey chelle - You did a great job of the challenge, using the colors to inspire you. Nice clean cut layout and a lovely family pic. Well done! - Shazza


  1. love the 'cleanliness' of this, awesome work michelle, love it

  2. The earthy tones look fab Michelle ! You've done a great job here, and I can so totally relate to finding some of the artworks "tough" !!! Your layering and bow are fantastic !

  3. I love the clean lines and the gorgeous photo of your family... the reds and oranges look amazing! Beautiful colour combination! xxx

  4. I just love your journaling to capture the essence of this layout. Great choice of colours to compliment the photo beautifully.


  5. beautiful colors!!!!love your journalling too!!!!great work!

  6. What a beautiful picture, and i love the colours you have used.

    Much Love Katy xx