Sunday, 28 February 2010

Another great 'Reverie' inspired submission...... this time from

Amanda Taylor - She's a Lady

Here is my entry for March, and I have to say Shazza you took me way out of my comfort zone with the Art Nouveau style....never done it and dont know if I will again lol...........I've got me cut out of the pic, and a halo of flowers around my head (sort of lol)..........loved the inspiration this month though, thanks heaps
hope you like this

Hey amanda, great take ofn the challenge, I especially like your little 'Art Nouveau' designs on your page, lovely bright layout, and a great submission from you..... even though you were way out of your comfort zone! Well done! - Shazza


  1. I love it Amanda, you rocked the challenge, what a great photo of you...

  2. Great job Amanda ! Love the title {*wink*} ! I especially love your halo come head's stunning !!!

  3. What a great funky take on the challenge Amanda! I really like what you've done!

  4. it is a very fun take on the it...and the headpiece looks

  5. that halo you made is so nice. the flowers are good too. I love it.