Monday, 1 March 2010

March's inspiration will come from the painting.......

Well its not actually a painting as's a painted postcard......

Reverie by Alphonso Muscha

Mucha was the creator/originator of ART Nouveau (French for new art style)
Mucha's works frequently featured beautiful healthy young women in flowing vaguely Neoclassical looking robes, often surrounded by lush flowers which sometimes formed haloes behind the women's heads. In contrast with contemporary poster makers he used paler pastel colors.

I recommend you all look up his Art Nouveau work to get a feel for his style (Google).

ARTastic Diva Demand... for an extra 6 bonus points

1. Use a cut out figurine from a photo = 1 pt

2. Make a halo using flowers around the figurines head = 2pts

3. Use Art Nouveau style/designs on your layout = 3 pts


  1. What a gorgeous postcard picture, I love the outline and preciseness of her painting, what great inspiration there is in this gorgeous picture.

  2. This is certainly something different !
    Have fun with this one girls !!!

  3. ooohhh something different and quite challenging, might just have check out this Art Nouveau style/designs, looking forward to seeing what the DT's have come up with ??
    GREAT Challenge Shazza !!

  4. Beautiful. I love this art. Wonderful for inspiration.

  5. Better say nothing than nothing to the purpose. ........................................