Thursday, 25 February 2010

What is Magpie club?

'Magpie club' is a unique kit club owned by Tara Maynard.

Here's a bit about Tara and how she started her kit business :)

I am an English girl living in Colorado. My husband's work means
that we get to travel a lot and live in wonderful places, we did a
stint in Sydney when we first got married. I have been living in
America for nearly three years now and must say that I am loving it.
As soon as arrived I got the scrapbooking bug and became a bit of a
kit addict. One day I woke up with this amazing idea that I should
create scrapbook kits especially for English girls back home. So I
got busy and set up my little kit club. I launched it five months
ago and have been so blown away at the support I have received from
my fellow Americans that I haven't quite got round to letting the
girls back home know about me!!

There are so many kit clubs out there I had to make mine a little
different. I try to make a lot of the embellishments myself, I am
always on the hunt for unusual things that will make the kits unique,
(I spend hours on ebay and etsy and trawling the local charity
shops). I also like to split packs up, not many people want 20 or 30
pieces of the same thing. Finally I make sure that the kits have a
real mix up of products, products that I would actually like to use
myself. I offer two kits a month, a main kit which costs between $35-
$40 and a credit crunch kit which costs $12.50. The CC kit is
perfect for people who feel slightly overwhelmed with so many
products and only want to make a couple of pages a month.

In a nutshell, I have three children five and under, I have two black
labs, I love to cook, I blog every week day,
( and of course I love to scrapbook!!


Ladies, if there is anyone interested in ordering some of Tara's kits maybe we could buddy up to reduce postage costs. If say three or four of us got together had them shipped (Could be $18 but would get Tara to check ) and then we can disperse them to each other from one location....would turn out a lot cheaper :) If anyone is interested please let me know :)

Here is the link to Magpie Club



  1. i would definitely be interested shazza

  2. trying to check it out is on mega go slow....argh!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cool Amanda, thats one thats interested, just let me know before the end of the month if you want the 'main' kit of the month or the 'credt Crunch' kit.


  4. i will have both lol.............i cant resist myself

  5. Great Blog and great kits this Lady her LO's ..thanks for cheering this wonderful and talented girls with us!

  6. Hi Shazza, I would be interested in a main kit please sounds fantastic, thank you for showcasing this lovely lady to us.

  7. I love your Feb kits Tara...very sweet.

    Shazza, I would definitely try out her club.