Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Heres another one from.... sorry! Here's another two from.......

Michelle Winston - Renos



House Reno's & Homestead are two layouts that take
their inspiration from the homes in the art work,
St Nicholas Circle. House Reno's shows our house
after we took on 6 months of renovations...mind
you, there are still "little things" that aren't
finished ! Homestead is almost the complete
opposite, showing my DH's childhood home way out
west, near Nyngan. It's not much more than a
rustic, run down shell these days. - Michelle

Well done Michelle. Both are great examples of
houses taken from the painting.
Thanks for you
two samples this month. I love the old homestead,
I bet your
hubby could tell some great childhood
stories. Well done - Shazza


  1. Both are just beautiful, I love seeing the old and the new, basis for a whole new layout there, your home looks gorgeous.

  2. Oh beautiful! I love that homestead and good on you for being so brave to take on the whole renovation process Michelle!