Tuesday, 20 April 2010

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Tanya Soutar - The Long Way to Venus Bay

Hiya Shazza
Gave it a go, am happy with my result.
I tried in vain to put all the criteria but unfortunately a gazebo just didn't go with my layout. I even thought of cheating with a genius idea of putting the word "gazebo" from an old dictionary but alas it didn't look right!
Anyhoo the top lhs has the lampost (ours in the street) and a bridge, most gorgeous one in Kilcunda east and green roofed house with street sign arrow bottom rhs.
It made me really think outside the square - so thanks for the challenge. Cheers - artsy fartsy mumma.

PS: photographing it so the colours came out right was a challenge in itself LOL. x

Hey Tanya! That is the best bridge photo ever, I love the old pylongs. Gorgeous little green roofed house, you did real well with the criteria.... I couldnt get it all on my sub either! thanks for playing along. great job! - Shazza


  1. STUNNING pic, love it all great work tanya

  2. Wow. What a spectacular photograph! Love how you've used it on this LO! Well done!

  3. I love the photo. It's almost art itself.

  4. This is just divine, I agree with Shazza, that is an awesome bridge.

  5. Thanks everyone, It is such an old bridge, it is so picturesque. Every time we'd drive past it on the way to my girlfriends beach shack in Venus Bay I'd be wanting to stop. I finally did!

  6. fantastic photo...fab page..xxx

  7. Absolutely wonderful... great photos!!! Thanks for playing!