Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Here is my submission.....

Shazza Bishop - Coober Pedy

Hi All! I know my submission is late, but better late than never...so they say!! lol
I wanted to use a real Australian pic and theme, so I scrapped a pic of our family trip to Ayers Rock in 1997. We had a stop over in Coober Pedy, it was hot, dusty and desolite. Most families live underground, and we got to visit a few underground homes and a church. I promised I would never complain about dust in my house ever again......as nothing stayed dust free for more that a few minutes!! I have added a tiny outback lizard to my layout, he is hiding on a branch at the top of the left hand side green pom pom. lol
This is Ben (Friends kid) Jarred (my kid) and Adam (my older kid) looking out over the sand dunes from a look out at Coober Pedy. TFL - Shazza


  1. What a fabulous subject to scrap this month. Your LO certainly does have that true Aussie feel to it!

  2. Wow, I just cannot imagine living with all that dust underground, how interesting and a great layout full of memories, love it Shazza.

  3. lovely page... I'm so jealous, it looks warm... here in Canada, not so much. ;O)

  4. Such a warm page freezing in tas! Couldnt get any more Australian that the outback :)