Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Heres another submission, this time from.....

Tanya Joseph - Owl Clipboard


This months challenge I took from a girl scout craft that I taught at Abby's troop meeting in planning for their troop campout... The girls each made a clipboard personalized with their names....I thought the paper and owls were the perfect, and easy touch , to this challenge... the girls had sooo much fun making them....and I enjoyed teaching the craft..

YES - it is way simple for my taste - but it kinda shows the simplicity in me that comes out from time to time.... - tanya

Heya Tanya! I just love yout OTP clipboard, wouldn't mind making one myself. Just love those 3D chipboard owls, I bet the girls loved their finished clipboards. Thanks for your submission... I just love it! - cheers Shazza


  1. what a great idea tanya, love it

  2. I love clipboards... do them as Teacher's Gifts and this on is just beyond FAB! Great job.

  3. Love your little hooty-owls. I've always wanted to decorate a clipboard but have just never gotten around to it. You have inspired me to make this a school holiday project now! Thanks Tanya. Gorgeous work as always!

  4. Wow I love this, what a great idea, this is also something I could use as a shopping list, thanks for the idea, I love the papers and of course the gorgeous owls. Beautiful and bet the kids loved making them. Melxx

  5. Love this idea... great job!