Friday, 9 July 2010

A Great entry this month from.....

Peg Hewitt - It's a Gamble

Hi Shazza
Here's my page for this month's challenge.
Awesome layouts already up!
I loved the colour range for this challenge and
just happened to come
across a black feather
(what luck!). I've had these pics for a while now

and not really been happy to scrap them until now,
then I unearthed that
bingo card (with the hand
of cards in the middle) and the whole 'gamble'

thang fell into place. Thanks for another great


Hey Peg!
Another great page from you for this months
challenge, love the
'Facebook' theme you used
and your journaling is fantastic (its
right from
a mum's heart)....and I can relate to this!! Love

that you used paint and your layering looks so
All criteria covered.
Amazing work - Shazza


  1. WOW......and i can so relate to your oldest 5 boys are between the ages of 17 and 11....its scary to say the least

    love everything youve done here peg

  2. wow i love your layout!!
    stunning (:

  3. Spot on Peg. I've just allowed my 13yo FB on 1 July. He's got 150 friends already. They all are right into it.

  4. Oh I love the layout but I also get the message about the whole fb thing, wow, this is just another thing for parents to be concerned about, I love the entire layout but cannot believe how it all fell into place by finding bits and pieces of perfect elements. Love Melxx

  5. Wow Peg this layout certainly did all come together quite nicely! FABULOUS!!


  6. cool lovin your black journalling strips

  7. What a great topic! lol... my eldest is 12 and we haven't had to deal with FB... yet. But man, he's all over the NeoPets chats. *shiver* I can soooo relate to this LO. FANTASTIC Job!

  8. I really really like this LO!! Not only does it look fantastic, but I can so relate to the journaling ... it is a fine line indeed!
    xxx Peggy

  9. This layout is fantastic... I like the grunge feel with the feminine touches. What a stunning layout! xxx

  10. Love, love it!!! Great job!