Thursday, 1 July 2010

Our next submission comes from.....

Sarah Elliott - Wild Child x 4

Here's the July ARTastic LO. Browns, feathers and I MADE the playing cards. ;O)
Thanks so much! - Sarah

Hey Sarah, I love, love this submission :) The playing cards you handmade with your four boys (Jokers!!) lol are fantastic. Love that you have included all the criteria for the month and I love your journalling at the bottom of the page, a well thought out layout! Cheers - Shazza


  1. this is awesome, love how youve done the photos, and i can so relate to your 4 jokers lol, well actually i have 6 of them

  2. What an awesome idea to make your own playing cards Sarah ! They look fab ! I also love the way you have used the feathers, twine and material - great job !

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous, just love the idea of the joker playing cards, aern't you lucky to have 4 jokers in your pack, only the one here and that is a riot. Melxx

  4. What a great layout... I love all of the different textures you have included! xxx

  5. wow great idea with the cards!
    youve done a great job (: