Monday, 5 July 2010

WOW! Another fantastic layout to share, this time from .....

Libeeti - Paris

Hi Shazza,
Here is my submission for July challenge.
The painting of Carravaggio reminded me of "the old world" theme, and that is what Paris for me - classic, romantic, etc.
The photos are from a tour I had in Paris 13 years ago, and they were taken on one of my favorite places in Paris, watching Pon Neaf.
I think I've covered all criteria: brown tones (lots of...LOL), playing cards (for the date) & feather (slightly, underneath the 'Paris' sticker, but still..).
Thank you so much for a very inspiring challenge this month!

Wow! Libeeti! Another great entry from you, thanks for joining in again :) Great idea using the cards for the date (1997). I love the blooms you have used on your page especially the teal colored ones :) What beautiful photos, I bet you wished you were backt there. Love the cut out of the Eiffel tower. Glad you have managed all the criteria. Excellent work - Shazza


  1. Love the flowers on this one, just beautiful.

  2. Is this a digi or a paper layout? You've achieved a great look.Pont Neuf was fantastic wasn't it?

  3. i lo9ve layers on a layout!
    it gives a nice look (:
    well done

  4. Gorgeous work, I love love the textures here, the feather under the sticker and the date using the playing cards is perfect. Wow what a great trip that must have been. Great work. Melxx

  5. Thanks, ladies, for your warm comments!
    It's a real paper layout, and it is very nice to touch too...
    And yes, Shazza, I wish I was there once again (well, I was there last year... must scrap something about it... LOL)

  6. Wow I love everything about your LO! So much to look at!

  7. Love the way you have fanned the playing cards on your layout... Lovely layout and gorgeous photos! xxx

  8. love the touch of blue...makes it pop

  9. Gorgeous!!! I love all the elements on your page!!! Thanks for playing along

  10. The card date... how clever is that?! I love all the sh-tuff on your page, wonderful layering!