Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A beautiful digi entry from a newbie....I love this :)

Helena Catt - By the Sea

I just found your site last week - love it. I'll be coming back each months for more inspiration.
I think I read somewhere that you accept digi layout - sorry if I got this wrong. My digi layout it attached - great excuse to final scrap some beaut photos from my week by the sea in May.

The journaling reads
Pelicans were the stand out stars of my week on the coast east of Canberra.
I love their silhouette, - it is so distinctive flying and standing on posts, as they do a lot even though they are big.
They look graceful gliding over the water but on land they are awkward and they make a big splash when coming into land on the water
I had stunning sunny weather and lots of light sparkling on the sea which seemed to stretch out for ever.
A relaxing and refreshing week.

Hi Helena! Welcome to ARTastic, thanks for joining us this month with your beautiful digi entry!
We accept digi, hybrid and traditional entries as everyone expresses themselves differently. I love digi's myself, but just wouldn't have a clue where to start! The silohouette photo of the pelicas is stunning and fits the ctiteria :). would love to know what your journaling ays, it was just too small to decipher. Well done and we hope to see you back next month. - Cheers shazza


  1. I wish I knew digi... I'm a 'messy' girl, lol.
    This looks FAB! Thanks for joining us, looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Wow I love the Shillouette Pelicans,
    I am wanting to try digi but spend too many hours on the computer for work yet.

  3. Hi Helena,
    I'm a sucker for pelicans too. They are amazing creatures. Your layout is stunning and I love the silhouettes. Looking forward to seeing more of your entries!

  4. Those silhouette pelicans are fantastic, they really add that something extra to the page! Beautiful work!
    xxx Peggy

  5. Love your digi LO! Great silhouette of the pelicans, and I love the rest of your pics! I am also a digi scrapper--and I look forward to being inspired by your work going forward!
    Hugs, RobinJ

  6. Welcome, and thank you for joining in the fun! I love your digi layout... and the photos are stunning! xxx

  7. Great job, love your silhouette work :) good to see some digi layouts!

  8. Welcome to blog! is really a great inspirational blog!! and I love the pictures on your LO! they are really cool!