Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Here's another submission :(

Shazza Bishop - HotDog

....Have you stopped laughing!!!!.....As you can see this is not my best layout, infact its probably rates as my worst :(
Definately not going to win any sub points from the other DT's this month lol
My excuse....... I'm under the pump this month and really did not put any thought into this (As if you can't tell!!)
However I do love this photo of Nick (DD's Boyfriend) and Duke our Chihauhau, the journalling reads.....'Nick keeping Duke warm on a cold winters day! Duke's happy tucked into Nick's hoodie'!! - Cheers Shazza



  1. Okay, going on what you said about this LO you're probably going to laugh, but ... I kinda like it!!! I really think not all LO's have to be masterpieces or have to have all kinds of difficult techniques going on. Sometimes it's best to just go with how you feel. And I think with the colourful title and large pink flower you have quite a humorous contrast going on with the "cool guy in the hood" picture LOL.
    xxx Peggy

  2. How cute is little Duke!! I quite like the contrast and the 'Hotdog' title is fabulous!

  3. I agree Peggy, to me their is no such thing as a bad scrap page and how cute is Duke, sorry Nick but the puppy steals the show with this one. How cute being inside his jumper, I remember when the poodles were little we used to do that. I like the large flower and think Hot Dog is a brilliant title. Melxx

  4. such a cute photo! (:
    great layout (:

  5. Nick and Duke are too cute together! And I agree with Peggy and Mel, there are only good memories which this LO attests to! And what a fantastic title. Hugs, RobinJ

  6. Great photo Shazza! I love the mixed alpha title too! xxx

  7. No such thing as a bad page... it's DONE and that in scrapbooking is the best-est goal. :O)
    Better than that picture sitting in a box where no can enjoy it!! pssttt... and it is so NOT bad. Hush! Your too hard on yourself.

  8. I dunno Shazza, it feels happy and fun to me! and why not eh? Great stuff!

  9. Any page that is completed is a fabulous page Shazza, dont give yourself grief - it is a great LO
    ...and aren't Nick & Duke great together...what lovely faces, both of them!!