Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Our Second submission comes from DT member......

Amanda Taylor - 1 pup plus 1 baby = 2 cute

Hey Shazza....loved the painting this month, I've got all the criteria....a pic with a pet (Connor and Angel when they were both 6wks old. love this pic), orange and brown colours, and a single tropical plant or flower (didnt even know what a tropical one was lol, so in case its not tropical I also made it tropical colours lol).....thanks for the awesome
- Amanda


Hey Amanda! I must say that photo of Connor and Angel is one of the cutest photos ever!! Funny about you not knowing what a tropical flower is!!! You live in tropical Q'Land woman!!!! ...lol sorry, I really had a bit of a laugh about that!!! :) You have covered all the criteria which is Great!! - Cheers Shazza


  1. How gorgeous alright Shazza, that is really cute that they are both 6 weeks old too. Love this. Melxx

  2. lol shazza, im not really in tropical qld....thats way further up.... ie..cairns and the daintree region......

  3. Ooooh how cute!!! Love the colours you used, they really go perfectly with the black and white pic! Beautiful work!
    xxx Peggy

  4. That is so totally adorable Amanda!!

  5. that is adorable!! i love your layout (:

  6. This is such a fun LO! Love the clever title and what a picture--way too cute! Fantastic LO!

  7. I think we have a winner for the most adorable photo! The lovely colours match the black and white photo perfectly! xxx

  8. awweee... Excuse me while I gaze on cuteness for awhile..............*gazing*
    I really like the paint behind the photo, I always love a little 'messy embelly' on a page. :O)

  9. omg, how cute is that pic! Absolutely gorgeous, it deserves centre stage at home Amanda! That strong splash of orange behind it really pulls the eye! great stuff :)

  10. Now how cute is this photo! And what a gorgeous LO Amanda...what a lovely title!