Sunday, 8 August 2010

Shazza and ARTastic interview

Hi Ladies!

This month on Jackie Torres's Blog there is a quick interview that she posted on July 31st. Its an interview with me regarding ARTastic..................... if you would like to go take a look!!!! you have to scroll down a little way....leave a comment or add yourself as a follower (Jackie would love that!!)

You can find Jackie's blog at 'A Jersey Girl'

Thanks Jackie!


  1. I really enjoyed reading the interview about you Shazza, sorry I have been ofline for a little bit, but as you have noticed back with a vengeance, I loved the watering can you painted also, I am an ex folk artist myself, but just cannot afford the time with two passions so I have chosen memory scrapping. Melxx

  2. Mel, I'm afraid I don't get enough time these days to get my paint brushes out.......

    Maybe when I retire one day :)

  3. The interview was lots of Fun!! being able to know a little bit more about Shazza and the history behind it was very cool!

  4. Loved the interview Shazza!!

  5. Fantastic interview Shazza and Jackie! Shazza, the watering can is totally awesome! xxx