Tuesday, 10 August 2010

We have a Double Doozey!! entry from.......

Melinda Johns - Ice Cream Monster

HI Shazza,
I love the painting reminds me of my Art days
studying paintings at school. I miss read the
Blue and Green to be Blue and yellow when I
sat down to scrap, after I finished I realized
my mistake, I am happy with the outcome, I have
a sun the large yellow shape split on 2 pages,
I make this one by hand cutting out all the
triangles, I also have black silhouette
flourishes, sneaking out from behind the photos.
Hi Melinda, thanks for entering this fantastic double
layout, what a great job you have done :)
Looks like
someone is really enjoying their ice cream ! I love how
you put the sun together by handcutting all those
triangles...great idea! Great work, well done - Shazza


  1. Wow I love this, the colours, the gorgeous photos, and the fact it is a double pager, this is excellent. great work. Melxx

  2. The Sun in the middle is just crazy Great!!! Love the 2 page LO and all the photos!!

  3. Love the double layout and the work you have put into creating the sun is amazing! xxx

  4. Such a cute bubba! He deserves two pages 

  5. What wonderful splashes of color! This is beautiful.