Friday, 1 October 2010

The ARTist formerly known as Sarah Elliott now Sarah Cooper !!!

Congratulation Greg and Sarah :)

Congratulations Sarah on your marraige to Greg! I know you have been planning this for many months and it sounds as if everything went to plan, cant wait to see some more pics of you on your special day. I'm glad you received the wedding card and wedding hanger I sent on behalf of myself and all the ARTastic DT ladies :) xxx Sarah 'Cooper' has such a nice ring to it :)


  1. Congratulations Sarah & Greg!! How wonderful. I hope you had a truly beautiful day. You will have so many gorgeous wedding photos to scrap now.

    :) Shelee xx

  2. Thank-You!!!
    The wedding was perfect. :O)
    After 22 years in the making (we were high-school sweeties before I went off and married someone else), an almost 2 year engagement and a year delay in the ceremony... We're married!!! lol
    I can honestly say I'm happier now that I've ever been before in my life.

  3. Wow congratulations Sarah, wow 22 years in the making, how romantic. This is one gorgeous story and I wish you all the very best and yes Sarah Cooper sounds awesome. You deserve to be super happy gorgeous girl. Melxx

  4. Congratulations Sarah! What a wonderful story and a very happy ending/beginning!

  5. What a beautiful love story! Congratulations on your wedding... wishing you many wonderful years ahead! Must be time time of year for it as my gorgeous hubby and I will be married eleven years tomorrow! xxx

  6. Congrats to you Sarah & Greg, what a wonderful tale of love that has circled you.....may you keep that glorious happiness forever. xxx

  7. Congratulations Sarah and Greg!! Wishing you many wonderful years ahead!
    xxx Peggy