Sunday, 31 October 2010

Novembers Inspiration will come from the painting....

'The Beach' by Chris Wake

Diva Demand for an extra 6 bonus points try and
work the following into your layout.

Either a sandcastle, bucket and spade or beach towel =1 pt

A few Seagulls = 2pts

A family beach photo or similar = 3pts


I'm sure everyone would have a beach photo to use this month :)

Please email your layouts compressed/resized for web viewing to

ALso, please add your blog address to your email so I can add it to the post, that way we can come and visit :)

The Design Team have put together some great submissions,
so lots of inspiration to share with you all shortly :)

Entries for ' The Beach' will close
Sunday 28th November at midnight.

Cant wait to see this months entries !!!



  1. yesssssssss this is cool love the challenge.
    have a nice scrap weekend byebye,lean

  2. oh nice painting!!now to stare at it hoping inspiration will come!!haha!! have fun everyone!

  3. oh that is sooo spooky!
    swear that is a painting of me and my friends on the beach after having a few too many wines!! lol.
    Great challenge! Have a photo in mind already!! thanks for the inspirition!

  4. I love this picture and I love your comments Sandra (thinking the same thing). Lots of inspiration here but a long time since I've seen a beach. Thanks for the challenge Shazza

  5. Looking forward to seeing all of those family beach photos and fabulous seaside layouts! Great challenge Shazza! xxx

  6. Oh, this is so awesome. Perfect for an Aussie summer l/o.