Thursday, 28 October 2010

Showcase of entries for the Rupert Bunny...'A Summer morning' painting.....

Hi Ladies!
Thankyou to everyone that joined in our challenge this month...we had 18 entries
. Great effort ladies :) We had two newbies join in and the rest of the 16 ladies are becoming quite a great bunch of regulars :)

We have eight prizes to give away this month. We have our normal categories for prizes but we also have 'The Curators Choice Award', which is a Lisa K 'Spooky' kit and this could go to anyone of the 18 ladies, could be someone that has put in that extra effort of work on their entry, or it could be someone that has tried a new technique, or even someone that plays along each month but just misses getting a prize by just a point or so....... mmmmm I wonder who it will be this month :)...........and a few Raks from our Design Team members.

I will pop Novembers inspiration up shortly so you can all get a feel for it. I think you will all love next months painting :)..............Hint!!!....start looking for some beachy photos to use :)

Anyway here are the entries.....

Aileen Herne - Mum and I

Brenda Wyllie - Jessica

Irit Shalom - Drink for Life

Jane Howden - Jennie Parkes

Jenn Fawkes - Hush Little Baby

Julene Matthews - Boo to a Goose

Lean de Ruiter - Need Some Yummy in my Tummy

Lena Schreijenberg - FLY

Libeeti - Untitled

Lisa K - My Girl

Lizzy Crust - Your Beauty

Mary Steinmetz - Prescious

Melissa Pablo - So Blessed

Narelle Riley - Feed the Birds

Peg Hewitt - Jill and Pene 1945

Sherrie Plummer - A Gathering

Sue McVeigh - Little Rose Cottage

Vicky Heyninck - Take us UP!

Thanks Ladies and Good Luck!



  1. this is so cool to see what every one made...good luck girls

  2. love how you showcase all the entries.
    They all look fantastic girls.
    so much inspiration!
    Good luck!!
    and hopefully I might be able to play along next month again!!!

  3. What a wonderful showcase of entries this month! The blog looks amazing, thanks to all of the beautiful layouts! xxx

  4. gosh they are all amazing, glad I don't have to judge, and such different interpretations all from the same picture.

  5. Aren't they just magical all together! What a wonderful gallery!

  6. Oh wow, how super hard is picking winners from here....

  7. Ohhh this is just stunning, Beautiful entry for the Challenge!:)