Friday, 1 October 2010

We have another great submission to show off!

Peggy Schenkels - All Ducks are called Geoffrey

Hi Shazz,
I've attached my October's submission, I hope you like it.
These are my kids a few years back feeding the ducks while on holiday. We would go and feed them every day, and each day the kids would call out for Geoffrey. I haven't got a clue where they first heard that name (it's not a common name in Belgium), nor why they insisted their favorite duck was called Geoffrey, but they sure loved that duck!!! Their dad and I shared some laughs, because Geoffrey changed appearances each day, but the kids did not seem to notice they were feeding a different "favourite" duck each day...
I definitely covered two out of the three criteria. The shades of pink are obvious (I might have gone a bit overboard with the pink :--)))). I did add a little white bird as well ... If you look closely enough, you might see it hanging off the tree branch. The pink roses .. Well, I did add quite a few pink flowers, it's up to you and your imagination whether you can justify calling them roses LOL.
Thanks for another fun challenge Shazz. These pictures probably never would have been scrapped without your challenge, and this is such a beautiful memory, definitely worth being scrapped about. It's stories like this that later in life make us say: "Do you remember when ... ".
Talk to you later Shazz
Xxx peggy

Hey Peggy!
Another gorgeous page from you :) Kids do and say funny things, dont they!!! teehee
I'm glad you managed to scrap those pics and to tell the story about Geoffrey the duck!
Beautiful page with all those little added extras. Glad you covered all the criteria and love those
pink flowers...Err imean roses! - Cheers Shazza


  1. What a fabulous LO Peggy. I loe the way your photos are cut out. Wow!!

    :) Shelee

  2. Seems to be a theme this month that bringsz out those 'want to scrap, now getting around to it' LO's, that's awesome! BTW... those look like Wild Roses to me. *wink, wink*

  3. Oh this is a gorgeous story to scrap, and what a great friend Geoffrey was to your kids, I love the cut out of your daughter sitting on the side, gorgeous....Melxx

  4. Gorgeous LO, Peggy, and what a hilarious story about "Geoffrey!" Love that cardboard title, and those great picture cutouts!

  5. These photos are great and I love your holiday story too... as for your scrapping... well it is just stunning! xxx

  6. What a great holiday story & I love the way your have scrapped it are a true scrapbooker! Love your memories on paper. We often see fish jumping in the sea where we live, & for some unknown reason we always shout out 'there's Ian!' That started years ago, when our daughter was very young...who knows why! Hehehe. Such a fun LO here Peggy, love your cut out photos & the rose branch too.

  7. Ahhh, this is so cool! I love the cutout pics, the story, the title, everything! Another stunner!