Sunday, 2 January 2011

Angie A's submission

 Welcome to the world - Brooke

Hello Shazza....
Sorry I am making it just under the deadline.  but I had in my head that I wanted to do a layout about the new grandbaby  and well
she was just born Tuesday December 28, 12:24 pm....and I just got home late last night from MD to be at the birth....
Here in her first layout I'd like you to meet Brooke Noelle McGowan....8 lbs.  14.4 oz   21 inches long..She is my 3 grandchild
the first baby for my daughter & her hubby...I had to go back and think if I meet all the requirements....and I am pretty sure I did
3 or more people.....check
food.....check.....bottle plus  mommy will be breast feeding  so mommy is the food.....I know that one is a stretch...oh well
call it lack of sleep the past few days....
Happy New Year all


  1. Congratulations Angie on the birth of your newest grandbaby...isn't life marvellous at this time! This is an adorable & very touching LO, love the white space & your embellishments....wonderful work.

  2. congrats on the birth, this is a great layout, love it all

  3. 1st and foremost... CONGRATS!!!
    What a great layout to commemorate such an important event. The embellies are just so sweet.

  4. Oh so beautiful. Congratulations! What a perfect celebration to scrap - a little bundle of pink joy! I really like how you've used the envelope!

  5. This is such a wonderful celebration and at such a special time of year too! Congratulations to you, your daughter and your family! I love the pink background against the black and white photos. xxx

  6. Oh what a wonderful layout, I love those beautiful photos, your placing of your embellishments is just stunning. Congratulations on your new grandbaby.

  7. Congrats Oma you made a lovely page with sweet pictures..oma /grany....some dutch and the male peace... opa.

  8. Congratulations! I totally agree with the mum is the food line, I'll support you hehe!! Fantastic photos here, they look amazing, wonderful event to celebrate and scrap. Those hearts on a string look fab! Great job!

  9. Hooray for your new grandbaby!

    "mommy is the food" OMG you cracked me up with that one, but I say it counts!!!

  10. Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild!!! And then I just have to say ... haha, "mommy is the food" made me giggle as well. Right you are LOL! Very pretty LO, I like the pink background, the beautiful pictures, the pretty design and those white hearts give the strict design a whimsical touch ... awesome work!
    xxx Peggy

  11. Congratulations, Angie! This is such a wonderful LO. I love the pink background, the sweet embellies and those great B&W pictures.
    Hugs, RobinJ