Thursday, 13 January 2011

Here's another great entry :)

Helene Bogren - Tea Party

Hi Shazza!
This is my interpretation of Renoir’s painting ‘Luncheon of the Boating Party’. When I saw the challenge I immediately thought of one of my daughter’s favorite games – to arrange tea parties for her dolls, teddy bears etc. (Invited to the party but not visible on the photo are also a teddy bear, a monkey and a cat.)
What I like most about the ARTastic’s Callanges is to really take inspiration from the painting. With this painting I wanted to create a little bit nature, an old feeling and a touch of decadence…
I definitely wanted to have a “roof” (like the one in the painting) to help framing the photo and I made this myself with white cardstock, red and yellow pencils and a bit brown Ink on top of it to make it look older.
I hope you enjoy my entry! I really appreciate your work with this site!

Cheers Helene

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Hi Helene! Great job of the artwork this month, love the photo you used of your daughters Tea Party with all her little friends.....just perfect!! Beautiful colorsin this layout. I love your idea of having a roof over the photo. The large antique teapot and sugar bowl in the corner are just  beautiful! Great work! Cheers Shazza


  1. Oh I like this LO!! I think the picture is so cute, the perfect topic for this challenge! I love the misting and the roof you made. It's very obvious you drew your inspiration from the painting itself and not just the criteria, and I always love to see that. Absolutely gorgeous work!
    xxx Peggy

  2. this is so sweet didn´t we like this teapraty's when we where litle....great page!psstt we still DO!

  3. Gorgeous LO your roof over the tea party, & how pretty is your misting & such a sweet photo. Wonderful!

  4. I do love a good tea party. Lovely lo.

  5. Wow, you have really done the painting justice with this page. I love it! Love how you created the banner yourself from scratch I totally love love love that! Your daughter is an imagintive girl I see, I'm inspired now to catch my girls in the act before they get too old for it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Again... I want a girl. lol This is just adorable! Where did you get that teapot & sugar bowl? I love them. That awning is just fantastic... Brilliant Page.

  7. I just love your picture of your little one and her friends! Love the teapots and that awesome misting/masking, along with that great awning!

  8. This layout is fabulous... You have really drawn beautiful inspiration from the painting this month! xxx

  9. That scalloped roof is divine Anne! I love your whole LO, it just has such a nice feel to it. Well done!

  10. that photo is so cute Helene, and the canopy just fits the picture perfectly.

  11. How sweet! I love the colors you used and your teapot is amazing!

  12. This is super stunning, I love the canopy over the photo, this is a great interpretation of the painting. gorgeous. MElxx