Sunday, 2 January 2011

Megan Vin's submission....

"Dessert, and Then That's Christmas Wrapped Up"

Hi all, 
Ahhh, a New Year, how refreshing! :) Here is my 
page, it features our christmas dessert time. 
All of us are concentrating on the food and 
not even aware of the camera. I felt the 
painting really captured a moment like this one. 
I've used the colour range too in my layout, 
representing the warmth of family together and 
of course the Australian heat filled christmas! 
I also cut up some christmas catalogues too 
and it features a bright orange doily I found 
at an op shop last year for 30 cents! I did 
some pencil work and paint for the background. 
There's also a gold earring from the 80's in 
there. Hope you have fun with this painting 
this month, it's a really inspiring piece!
Happy New Year!


  1. I adore your title Megan, & the very idea of your LO really. Love the warm colours, & your doiley, & paint & cutouts...a fabulous LO!

  2. So Artsy... I love the paint! Those warm colors work so well with the warmth radiating from that photo. Perfect!

  3. Very creative Megan. Those candid shots are the best sometimes aren't they! You have just captured the whole colour scheme of the artwork beautifully in your LO. Good on you for trying something new!

  4. Wow Megan! This layout is amazing! I adore the painted background and the bright Christmas colours. The orange doily is the perfect embellishment! xxx

  5. Just stunning Megan, I love how you always add some arty touch and the embellishments are always stunning. Melxx

  6. that's gorgeous. Glad to see that paper hats (from crackers) are part of your Christmas too I had to explain that in a LO I made for a US site!

    Love the red swirl background

  7. wauw love the paint a a adorble..DOILY>

  8. I like how you used so many found objects to make your page! Very creative!!

  9. Once again a very creative LO with the most beautiful background! You know I'm always stunned by your work Megan, and this time is no exception!
    xxx Peggy

  10. Megan, I just love the painted background of your LO with the shots of circled PP! Also love your great picture surrounded by that dolly. This LO is wonderful! Hugs, RobinJ