Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Our first entry for the month comes from.....

Karen Williams - Its Gourmet Time

HI Shazza
Love this new challenge
My effort is called "its gourmet time"
Its from this New Year's Eve and shows us sharing a "gourmet 
schotel" with our 
friend. They are VERY popular here in the Netherlands for 
celebrations like 
Easter, Christmas, New Year and Sinterklaas. I'd never seen 
one until we arrived 
here. Anyway I have included the celebration- New Year's, 
the three people and 
the food ( although most of it has gone by the time I took 
the picture!) 
- Karen **
Thanks for your entry Karen,its turned out a treat. 
I love the way you have left the open space, great photos.
Have never heard of a 'gourmet schotel' sounds interesting!
Love the masking of the letters across the page too!
Well done - Shazza 
** Sorry your sentences have come out strange but no matter 
what i try i cant fix them, it may be the font you use when you 
send your email through to me...I'm not sure!


  1. this is so cool lovely work!

  2. I think this is fabulous! I love the journaling and the use of negative space... great layout and thanks for joining in this month! xxx

  3. What fun photos Karen! Love your whole page style...white space, lots of journalling & then the cluster of photos & alphas! Great work!

  4. A great entry Karen with a fabulous title! I enjoyed reading your journaling!

  5. Whenever I scrapbook I always plunk everything right in the middle. Your beautiful lo is a great reminder to step outside the box every once in awhile!

  6. karen I really like all your :open" space love it....looks like you all had a real great feast..great job and thanks for joing us this month..

  7. I love this LO, Karen! Love the wonderful use of white space, the hand journaling which is a favorite of mine, and the fabulous masking!
    Hugs, RobinJ

  8. Thanks Ladies for your lovely comments

  9. Wonderful page... I too like the masking and those buttons were just the right touch extra.

  10. Karen this is my kind of page!!! I love the design and the misting, I'm totally in love with the look of your LO! And being belgian of course I know what a "gourmet schotel" is, in fact we enjoyed the same thing on christmas eve!
    xxx Peggy

  11. Lovely layout here, really great way to arrange your pics and your journalling space. Really cool stamping bits! Love to read these bits from people's pages, I must remember to add more text to my pages. Thanks for the inspiration!