Thursday, 24 March 2011

Love this beautiful, bright entry from.....

Chantal Vandenberg - Magical Roundabout

Hi Shazza,

How are you?  Please find attached my entry for this month's challenge at Artastic!  I simply couldn't miss this opportunity (this challenge had my name written all over it with all the bright colours lol) and I've included all the critera too;
1. Bright colourful layout
2. Animal on page (whale button)
3. At least 3 circles (hand cut three circles that feature prominently to the left of photo, but I've also drawn lots and lots of circles too on the background paper)
4. Horse on your page (Ive actually got the carousel hourses in the photo, the large cardboard horses cut from doll packaging :) on the left and a rocking horse button too) - I really covered that one! :D

Thanks for this fun challenge!
Chantal Vandenberg

Hi Chantal!
Fab little entry for this months challenge!  I agree this one did have your name all over it with your use of BRIGHT colors.... lol
Love all the little elements you used on the page, photo is cute as!!!.... You have definately covered all the criteria!! Well done - Shazza


  1. Oh, this is lovely! Where did you find the horses?

  2. oh wow. this is just the cutest...loving those horses and a gorgeous pic, loving all of this chantal,

  3. Oh my goodness, this is just stunning, I can just imagine you cutting up gorgeous packaging from the kids presents I do this too. This is just beautiful. You have an amazing style. Melx

  4. Hi guys, thank you so much for your lovely comments! :) Helene, my daughter Lucy (pictured in the layout) received four Mary Poppins dolls for her birthday last year. They are Barbie dolls but they have the exact likeness of the actors Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke - so cool! Anyway she got Mary, Bert, Jane and Michael and in the front of the box behind the plastic there was a horse for each of the dolls already cut out - as the dolls are dressed for the "Jolly Holiday" scene and where they ride the carousel horses off the actual carousel and then it turns into a fox hunt and horse race! Anyway, if you've seen the movie you'll know what I'm talking about lol. I love finding things like this for scrapping! :D

  5. Such a vibrant page Chantal, filled with happiness. It is truly wonderful!
    I love using all sorts of bits on my LO but these horses are lovely that they have Mary Poppins dolls! Must check them out for me too!!

  6. NOw this BRIGHT, it really catches your eye. Your page is really fun.

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments girls!

  8. Love LOVE LOOOVE this page! The colors scream CIRCUS and the happy horses are so attention grabbing- FANTASTIC!

  9. This is an absolutely fabulous LO, Chantal! I love everything about it--the vibrant, happy colors, the awesome horses and that great picture of Lucy, as well as your hand-drawn polka dot background.

  10. Awesome job Chantal!! It's so bright and happy and cheery.... I just love it!!

  11. Wow... this is an amazing layout... the colours just pop off the page and the photo is gorgeous! Beautiful work! xxx

  12. Thanks so much for all your lovely words - it really makes my day! :D

  13. Chantal this is so bright and cheery! It is just a beautiful entry. What a perfect photo here. Wonderful work!

  14. Thanks Tiffany! Everytime I check there's some new love! Cheers everyone! :D