Sunday, 29 May 2011

ARTastic Second Birthday Celebrations - Mothers Day Challenge

Please join us here at ARTastic for our second Birthday celebrations!!

Incorporating Mothers Day

To view the entries and Design Team submissions for our painting challenge, you will have to scroll down below this post.

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Mothers Day Challenge #1

Make a Mothers Day Card 
Prize is the 'Everyday Magic Kit' 

Here are the entries......

Dale Tiernan

Holly Rogers

Helene Bogren

Karen Knight

 Jane Howden

 Debi Clark

 Karen Brierly

Melissa O'Neill

Mothers Day Challenge #2
Your Favourite photo of your mum
(Can be baby, toddler, young adult etc...)
Prize is the 'Moments to Remember' kit 

 Here are the entries......

Dale Tiernan's mum (Dale is the little girl)

Mary Steinmetz's mum..... looking into the mirror on her wedding day

 Holly Rogers and her mum on Holly's wedding day

Melody Rainbow's mum holding her daughter Anya

Karen Knight's mum holding her son Ash.

 Karen Brierly with her mum and daughter

 Jane Howdens mum Elizabeth as a debutante aged 16

 Debi Clarks mum. Photo taken 1937

 Michelle Lark and her mum


 Mothers Day Challenge #3

Celebrity Mum's

Please find pics of the following celebrities mothers
1) Kylie Minogue
2) Dakota Fanning
3) Martha Stewart
4) Ophrah

Prize is the 'Sweet Treats' kit 

Entries from........

1) Mary Steinmetz
2) Dale Tiernan
3) Jacqui Miles
4) Karen Knight
5) Karen Brierley
6) Melissa O'Neill
7) Jane Howden
8) Debi Clark 
9) Michelle Lark

Mothers Day Challenge #4
Mothers Day Quiz
Do not answer here in the comments section, please send your answers to
Answer the following questions - 

1)When is Mothers Day celebrated?
2) Identify the famous name associated with Mother's Day?
3) Which Country was the first to recognize Mother's Day?
4) What was Mothering Sunday?
5) What brought an end to Mothering Sunday?
6) In which year did Mothers Day become an official holiday?
7) What was the favourite flower of ...the answer to question 2?
8) What is the official flower for Mothers Day?
Prize is the  'Petunia' kit

Entries from........

1) Dale Tiernan
2) Mary Steinmetz 
3) Melody Rainbow
4) Karen Knight
5) Karen Brierly
6) Melissa O'Neill
7) Jane Howden
8) Debi Clark

Mothers Day Challenge #5
Mothers Day Poem
Write a short poem about Mothers day, Your mum or anything associated with Mothers Day
Prize is the 'Butterfly Kisses' kit
Mother'S day

M..Millions of hugs and kisses
O.. Only you our best Mother
T..Thank you for everything
H..Heat of yours is big and pure
E..Endless love for us
R..Respect for all you have done.

Put them together...." Mother"
the sweetest word of all.

by Mary STeinmetz

MY MOTHER by Dale Tiernan

My Mother loves to garden,
she also loves to sew,
she's starting making quilts
she doesn't like to mow
My Mother likes to scrapbook
she likes to make cards too
My Mother loves her crafting
Just like I do
mum you mean the world to me
if you could only see
how much you mean to me
I love to make you smile
even just for a while
your favourite roses are red
well that what you said
now get up you sleepy head
come enjoy your breakfast in bed
happy mothers day mum
and many more to come
by Melody Rainbow

Poem (For my Mother-in-law)

If I had a thousand wishes
I’d send them all to you
For I am very grateful for everything you do.

You have always been there for us
with help and ready advice
its been like having a guardian following us through life.

So on this special day we send you warmest thoughts,
of how much we all care for you
for all the joy you have brought.

by Jane Howden 

For Mum ~

Words will never be enough
to express everything you mean to me.
Your beautiful personality is admired and appreciated by everyone whose lives you touch, 
and you continue to be  
~ Patient
~ Kind
~ Generous
~ Gracious  
And everything I aspire to be.

by Karen Brierley

 Poem for My Mum
 My dearest Mum watching from above
 Always cherished, always a love
 Always missed, remembered for kind
 Always with me, always on my mind
 You were special, unique & sweet
 Years pass, time goes, til again we meet.
 by Debi Clark  
So now I am a mum
never sitting on my bum
Putting things away
Is it really already May
The things you say are funny
that's right we're out of honey
You love your 2 black poodles
Hang on I have to turn off the noodles
Not as much time to scrap
And forget about that arvo nap
I love you so very much my boy
You are a delight, my love, my joy
by Melissa O'Neill 
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- donated by Lisa Hanrahan, Amanda Taylor, Michelle Lark, 
Debi Clark and Me

- the world's largest virtual museum of photoshopped and otherwise re-worked masterpieces 
by French painter William-Aldolphe Bouguereau)


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