Sunday, 4 September 2011

Peggy's submission.....

Peggy Schenkels - Still in Love

Attached you will find my September submission.   I really loved this month's challenge, and as soon as I saw that painting, I knew I had the perfect flowery paper to use.  Choosing the papers was easy, and in truth, this LO was finished in no time.  Finished I say ... but ... I kept it on my desk for days, glancing at it every time I passed, wondering what else I should add.  You see, I don't think I had ever finished a LO this fast, and it almost felt unnatural, like I was cheating or something.  However, in this case, I do hope you agree with me that sometimes less is more, because in fact, I do love this LO as is, and so I decided against adding anything else.
The pic features my hubby and me, and believe it or not, we took this pic ourselves!  The quality of the pic isn't all that, but there's just something about this pic, about how my husband's looking at me, which made me fall in love with it straight away.  Your challenge was the perfect opportunity to give this pic the scrapbook page it deserves, so thanks again Shazz!
xxx Peggy


  1. It's simply gorgeous Peggy. I think it's a great photo. Sets a mood. Love those tiny flowers.

  2. Awesome layout! I agree with you - nothing to add to this one!

  3. A beautiful photograph Peggy, no wonder you loved it! Love the papers you have chosen & great flowers. Great to be in love hey!