Friday, 7 October 2011

Here is Peggy's submission for the month.....

Peggy Schenkels - De hemel kleurt groen

This challenge had me stooped for a while, I had no idea what to do, until I realised it was perfect for a mini-album I was planning to make.
It turned out a bit different from what you're used from me, but that's because the mini-album will be some kind of art journal I'll be making of a day I'll never forget.  In August this year, I went to the music festival Pukkelpop.  I had been looking forward to this for months.  I'm a huge Foo Fighters fan, and they were the main act, they were supposed to play for a full two hours.  In addition to that, Skunk Anansie, Rise Against and 30 Seconds to Mars would each perform for about an hour.  So I was really looking forward to straight 5 hours of pure bliss.  Nature decided otherwise.  Skunk Anansie was playing when all of a sudden that perfect blue sky we'd been enjoying all day turned a greenish gray.  We'd figured we'd get seriously wet and that 'd be the end of it, but no.  All of a sudden winds appeared from all directions, I've never experienced something that strange in my life.  Rain turned to hail, the size of ping pong balls.  Leaves and entire branches were torn from the trees and landed all around us.  We started running to the first "building" we came accross, and saught shelter there.  All of a sudden the roof collapsed, so we started running again, into the hail storm.  Later on, we discovered a tree had come down on the roof just a few feet away from us.  It's shown in the picture I used on my page.  We were lucky, nobody died in that spot, but some were seriously injured.
All in all, 5 people died that day, and so many people were so seriously injured that their lives will never be the same.  That was the end of a day that started out in perfection.
That's why the page didn't turn out like my usual work.  It's more of a symbolic page then an attempt to create something pretty.  The red paint obviously represents the dead, the injured and the suffering.  The wirls represent the wind, and the white paint I used all over represents the fog that surrounds my memories of the event.  My memories are more a series of images in my head then a clear view of what actually happened... strange...
It does go to show however that you can go several ways with the Artastic Challenges, and sometimes it's fun to create something a bit different from what you normally do.  Thanks Shazz!
Hugs xxx


  1. Wow Peggy, what a lucky escape...and a you tell a great tale...& that is why we scrap to keep these memories, isn't it!
    This is an amazing page...I love all the work you have done, fabulous!

  2. Wat een prachtig werk Peggy!! Tuurlijk heb ik de vreselijke beelden van Pukkelpop gezien op de TV en ik kan me maar moeilijk voorstellen hoe het moet zijn geweest om dat noodweer in het echt te moeten beleven...
    Je hebt je emoties prachtig weergegeven in dit werk en je door je uitleg erbij vind ik dit werk nóg mooier!!