Tuesday 1 April 2014

Welcome to April - this month is all about FUN ...

Welcome to our challenge this month.  

Today, April 1st,  is April Fool's Day around much of the world. In honour of pranksters and joke loving people, our inspiration this month comes from the Alice in Wonderland series of paintings by Charles Blackman. Criteria is anything goes but your photos must depict crazy antics, silliness or just having loads of fun.

Charles Blackman - The Chess Game

Charles Blackman - Born in Sydney on 12 August 1928. He left school at thirteen and worked with the Sydney Sun, while attending night classes in drawing and design at the East Sydney Technical College from 1942-5 under Hayward Veal.

Charles Blackman has in many ways been an influence to many young as well as some established artists. His work has been extremely popular and has a strong broad appeal, his symbolic style of including children, flowers, gardens, cats, dreams all reflect emotions and compassion.

Charles Blackman has an amazing 3613 recorded works sold since the 70s to and including 2004, in 2005 year to date July, his recorded sales is 112 works, these figures are excluding all gallery and exhibition sales nationally. The figures show a solid popularity and there has been an increase in demand for his work in 2005.

Charles Blackman has brought much joy to Australians with his diverse range of subjects and mediums, some of the most popular being - Charles Blackman Alice series, School Girl series started in the 50s, Orpheus Suite - of which the 1998-2000 release of 12 Collagraph images, a limited edition of 70 sets has this month sold out completely with a current RRP of $66,000 a set.

This month we welcome back The Scrappers Garden with the most delightful flower and handmade papercraft and resin range as our monthly sponsor.  Who wouldn't love to win some beauties like the ones shown here?  

We also thank James from Alacraft and Julie from Time to Create for their continued support throughout this year.

And now onto the fun from the first of our Creative team.

There could be a cupboard full of photos of Super Star being crazy but I am usually too busy laughing or running away from him to even think about finding the camera.
A couple of photos of Super Star doing something he NEVER does, a "Where's Wally" page and an inky, interesting technique came together as the starting point for my layout.

It is the journaling that hints at the significance of this adventure!

I loved this painting as I usually do here!!
I was inspired by the yellow background, with orange highlights, and I think I
successfully used these fun photos of Harry at the water play area of our
local pool - he just loves stamping and pounding on the water spurts! Thus the

The photo shows our daughter and her grandpa posing in a silly way. When he does something silly (happens very often) our little girl is immediately doing the same thing. :)

These photos are from a surprise farewell party my daughter organised for her friend. And she was totally surprised !  I have chosen to use the orange from the background of the inspiration painting and also the black and white.

Something funny or silly is this month's criteria and inspiration from
Alice in Wonderland.... I took my daughters upside down "selfie" and
started. My plan from the beginning was to use the colors from the painting
but something happened along the way :)  Using this upside down photograph 
is inspiration from Alice in Wonderland where things are a little bit "different" - and she looks 
kind of funny don´t you think?


Inspired by the Alice in Wonderland theme, the colours and the checkered board pattern.

Come on and have some FUN this month - we want to see your crazy, joke loving layouts.

Please upload the DIRECT link to your actual entry with the link tool on the LEFT by 11.55pm on April 30th, 2014. We'd love to see your newly created paper, digital, or off the page entries.  Please no back-dated submissions.  You may combine with a sketch and/or colour/technique challenge and international entries are always welcome.  

Please pop back on the 8th for The ARTastic 3T's - Tips, Tricks and Techniques brought to you this month by our team member Debi Clark.  I'm sure you will love what she has done to inspire you.

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  1. Love this piece of art work! Great job ladies with your interpretations.