Sunday, 8 June 2014

June 3T's ...

Welcome to our June round of ARTastic 3T's - Tips, Tricks and Techniques where each month one of our creative team will show you are few quick tips and/or techniques to use on your layouts.  This month we feature team member Aubrie Wancata with her promised step by step tutorial on how she put together her wonderful layout from last month using bleeding art tissue techniques.  The results are truly amazing - hope you try this one yourself.

Bleeding Art Tissue Tutorial by Aubrie Wancata

This tutorial will show you a few techniques with a really versatile material, bleeding art paper.  It is like tissue you stuff in a gift bag, but when it gets wet, the color bleeds all over the place.  I will show you three different uses.

1.  Here is some bleeding art tissue.  You will also need a sprayer for water, thick paper, matte gel, and optional liquid frisket.

First way to use the bleeding art tissue:

2 .  First use liquid frisket to mask off any areas you don't want ink going.  Frisket is great.  It is like a liquid rubber that will go on similar to paint and then peel off once the ink is dry, leaving the plain surface underneath. 

3.  Spread frisket on with a sponge.

4.  Once frisket dries, rip bleeding art paper into pieces.  Then, spritz the paper with water, and lay the pieces down.  Also, spritz some water on top.

5.  You can then use a heat gun to dry the water, or leave it overnight depending on what you need to do.  But when you peel off the paper it leaves a nice watercolor effect.

Second way to use the bleeding art tissue:

6.  You can also apply bleeding art paper with gel medium.  I like to do it over top a graphic paper because it is somewhat translucent. 

7.  I ripped long strips here so that it would look like grassy hills.

8.  Apply the gel medium to the base paper, then, place the bleeding art tissue on top.  As you do it, you want to crunch it up a bit so that it creates texture.  Keep putting gel medium in places you need to adhere the tissue.

9.  Once it dries, use some ink rubbed on to emphasize the texture.  You can also use something like InkaGold.  Whatever will rub on and pick up the wrinkles.

 10.  Here's how it looks when it is done.

Third way to use the bleeding art tissue:

11.  Finally, peel off liquid frisket to reveal the paper below.  Here I didn't want the blue going into the sun.  So, I masked it off.

12.  Paint with gel medium over the area you want to pick up color.  This time, you place the bleeding art tissue down but you do not let it dry.  Don't wait too long or it will be stuck to the paper!  I like to crinkle the paper so that there are white "veins" left without color.

13.  Here is what the finish product looks like.  I used this third method on the sun.

14.  And here is how all three look together.   

Bleeding art tissue is fun and you can really get creative with how to use it!  Have fun!

Stunning Aubrie - I'm inspired to give this a try myself.  Hope you are too!

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  1. Looks great...really enjoyed these techniques.....especially the first one:) Thanks for sharing:):)

  2. I use this stuff all the time! You really can do some beautiful things with it! Can't wait to see what people do w it!

  3. This is awesome Aubrie! I love the bright colours this technique gives and the cartoon like finish