Wednesday, 10 September 2014

September 3T's ...

Sharing My Secrets!

Hello it's Julie here sharing my tips and techniques for September.

I have my hand up as I am a fully paid up member of the FIBRE A'HOLICS CLUB!  I cannot walk past the wool and fibres section in a store without stopping to look. And buy!

Thin braids are used as outlines on this layout

I inherited a BIG stash of sewing cottons from my mum who was a seamstress. I think she was the President of the club for a long time!

These cotton have become  my "go to" for making some of the braids that I create for Time To Create Handmade.

Here's How I make Sewn Braids!

I take a selection of these sewing cottons -the number determines the thickness.

I set my machine up. I like black thread in top and bottom.  Any colour will work!  The machine is set to Zig Zag and the stitch length and density is determined by what works for your machine.

To achieve consistent tension I hold my hands like I have shown and I concentrate!  I usually make 1 bobbin length at a time. Sounds a lot but when you start to use these braids you will find many uses for them.

The colour combinations are only limited by your fibre collection!

When you are comfortable with the cotton braids you can get much fancier. Here I made a braid with string and crochet cotton.

WARNING -- Be very careful and clean out the bobbin area after each braid. A lot of lint is created so you will also need to oil your machine more than you usually do!

As you play you will discover that you can build wider braids. The strings can wobble about and you can get really interesting effects.

I have made long detailed pieces that I use as totally unique scarves. I'm usually asked what my scarves are made from!

Adding these braids to clothing is also fun. They are totally washable and can revamp clothing in a quick and interesting way.

I do hope you try making some of these braids.  Be WARNED though, the fibre journey is an exciting and addictive one that will have you experimenting.


PS over on my Blog - Time To Create Handmade Treasure -  I love exploring and mixing all sorts of materials and techniques together.  I'd love you to become a follower so I can share my discoveries with you.


  1. Now that is AMAZING...a whole new craft within a craft....loooove the effect of the wider braids, looks really awesome:)

  2. Wow how cool is this.. I Love this fun technique and the funky results are amazing. Thanks for sharing Julie :)