Sunday, 9 November 2014

November 3T's ...

Welcome to another round of Tips, Tricks and Techniques, this time brought to you by team member Di Hasthorpe.

Hi everyone!

For my 3T's this month, I've continued the 'doodling' theme and have created some card fronts  to be used on cards. I've used stamps, Archival Ink, Distress Inks and Ulta-fine Sharpies. The paper they're made from is a laser colour copy paper, which is really a light card weight. This has a low sheen and takes stamping and colouring with various types of inks really well.

With all of the card fronts I'm showing today, I've stamped the design, drawn a frame roughly the shape of the stamped image around it, and then drawn rays from the frame to the edge of the card. Mine are freehand, but you could rule them or have a different shaped ray.. curved, wavy, zig-zagged.

Card 1.

This was designed to be a masculine card. I've also looked at some of the elements of the stamp design; circles, curved lines and triangular shapes, and have used some of these to create patterns.

Card 2.

With this card I have coloured with Distress Inks first.

Card 3.

With this one, I have coloured sections of the stamp image with ultra fine sharpies.

If you wish, you can lightly pencil in the designs until you're satisfied and then go over them with the black pen. Any pencil marks can then be erased.

If you do a design that you don't like the look of when you are finished, take a piece of the same copy paper, cut a section from it to fit over the design you don't want, adhere and redo with a different design.

When putting the designs together I try to have some areas lighter than others. This is regulated by the amount of blocking in I decide to do with the black pen.

You don't have to stick to black. Any colour can be used, even white, gold or silver on black card.

This type of doodling is not restricted to cards or ATC's. Next week, my post will show how I've used it for the background on a layout.

I hope this gave you some ideas. Have fun if you decide to try it.

Cheers, Di

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  1. These are cool Di and so suitable for giving! Love it!

  2. Lovely cards and great ideas on the doodling. Thank you for sharing and look forward to your background next week

  3. Fabulous doodling ideas here, Di. Gorgeous work.

  4. Wow Di! Thank you for these tips & tricks...oh I have to make one, or two or three!! Gorgeous fabulous!

  5. Wow!!! These are fantastic Di....what a fab way to decorate a card. Thanks for sharing your fun and fab 3T :)