Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Welcome to 2019 ...

Welcome to a brand new year on ARTastic. We hope you all had a sensational Christmas with family and friends and are now keen to spend some quality crafty time for yourselves.

Our first inspiration for 2019 is this fantastic abstract painting by Chris Vella called Joy.

CRITERIA - Yellow, blue and orange

A little about Chris Vella ...

I have always worked in an expressionist style. Sydney was my birth place, back in 1948. My aim in my paintings is to create something that touches my inner self and echoes in a meditative way an image that symbolises my thoughts, emotions and perceptions of whatever the subject matter generates. Art studies were completed at Wollongong West Art College and Wollongong University.

And now some inspiration from our team ...
(in no particular order)

Dale Tiernan -  (Australia)
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Annemarie Caister - (New Zealand)
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I love this photo of my Late Mum as a child and when I found the vintage patterned paper in my stash I knew I had to use it for this month's challenge! I distressed all paper and cardstock to enhance the heritage theme and I inked and sprayed lots of white flowers to match the paper. I also sprayed some white lace with a copper spray to make it look old. I really enjoyed creating this layout.

Tanya Heritage - (Australia)
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The blue and yellow tones reminded me of the beach so I thought this photo would work perfectly.

Karen McLaughlin - (Australia)
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Sharon Bishop - (Australia)
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Karen Brierley - (Australia)
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I adore the colour combination, and it was perfect for scrapping a summer beach photograph. The artwork inspired me to create my own background using orange and yellow Dylusion inks.

Jane Howden - (Australia)
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Our main prize winner this year will be selected by random draw - so anyone could be a winner, no matter your style or your level of experience or your country of residence. If there are more than 8 entries in the month a second prize (donated each month by one of our team) will be drawn.

Main January Prize

Second January Prize
(drawn if more than 8 entries)

Donated by Sharon Bishop

Over to you ......

Please upload the DIRECT link to your actual entry with the link tool on the LEFT by 11.55pm on the last day of the month - please remember we are an Australian based challenge so please check your day and time. You may combine your entry with other challenges. Please include our inspirational picture and challenge details on your blog post as well as providing a link back to us at ARTastic. You may enter more than once in any month as long as each submission is with a different creation. International entries are very welcome. 

Please call past on the 15th for our announcement of December winners. 


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  4. I love this color trio! It makes me wish for summer!

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