Friday, 1 May 2009


Our featured May artist is Salvador Dali and his work "Landscape with Butterflies"

The team have interpeted this one in a variety of ways. There will be more shares in the next few days for now here are Shazza and Michelle's

SHAZZA "Hell on Earth"

The orange tones reminded me of the large orange flames that engulfed huge gum trees on Black Saturday.The butterflies appear abnormally large against the rockand so with the bushfires, the size and intensity of the bushfires were under estimated. They were too large to control, the extent and widespread damage was devastating. The black shadows remind me of the aftermarth of the fires leaving blackened gum trees covering the landscape. It was like "Hell on Earth". The gumnut and leaves are the regrowth that appears almost straight away after a natural disaster such as this.

Michelle The World Awaits Him

I have gone for the colours and butterflies. The photo has some shadows in it too !


  1. fantastic layouts shazza and michelle....very inspiring artist!!!

  2. Wow... Shazza, you have some amazing photos there!

    Michelle, I like the way you have torn the pp and then stapled the rip back... too clever!

    Wonderful layouts!! :)
    Vanilla xxx