Friday, 1 May 2009

A very exciting month here at ARTastic. We have several fabulous women contributing to the blog as part of the ARTastic team who include:-

Trudi Harrison
Shazza Bishop
Terri Brown
Lisa Hanrahan
Renae Deguara
Michelle Winston
Danielle Pasli
Natasha Allen

Congratulations everyone and I am so glad you want to be a part of something new! I am sure that the team will have us inspired with their unique style, perspective and interpretation of each months artist.

The artist this month is Salvador Dali with particular focus on his artwork titled "landscape with butterflies" The team will be showing off their examples in the coming days (they werent given much notice by me this time around) :) In the meantime here are some of the teams take on their favourite artist

I don’t really have a favourite modern day artist (sad fact but true LOL!) Ken Done comes to mind (for the wrong reasons) – yes I had the fashion disaster overalls mid to late 80’s that were inspired by Ken’s art work. There are many works from past and present that inspire me in different ways. I guess that I perhaps may be a bit prehistoric when I say that Monet is my all time favourite. I have always been particularly drawn to scenes and pastels and in direct contrast to this; strong line and colour

Vermeer...My favourite artist is Vermeer, I love that he paints middle-class people going about their daily life. He was also brilliant when it came to using light or highlights on his subjects. I love his painting "The Art of Painting" as it gives a realistic visual depiction of the scene as if someone has pulled back the curtain and snapped a photo. His masterpiece and my favourite "Girl with the pearl earing"..... his "Mona Lisa." I love the intimacy of the girls gaze and the focal point being the pearl which emits a soft light on to the girls cheek.

For as long as I can remember, art has been a part of my family life, my mother having painted and drawn for many years. My first facination with the Great Artists began while studying HSC Art and I did a study on Da Vinci and his pencil drawings. A few years later I went off to study to become a graphic designer and while there discovered how much I loved Piet Mondian. His graphic paintings gave me much inspiration.

My favourite artist is my brother-in-law, Rex Winston-Walford.
I love Rex's art because it is a combination of traditional and modern Aboriginal art.Rex's works are detailed, colourful and very contemporary.

See his work here

I also love Claude Monet.I fell in love with his work, after my DH rescued a huge framed print, of " In The Park Monceau" from the tip ! I just adore the impressionistic style of chunky brushstrokes, and use of gorgeous colours.

The winner of last months prize is Renae. If you can contact me via email with your details I will post the Tim Holtz Mask to you on Monday. The winner of the Heidi Swapp Edge Distresser (drawn at random) is Vicky!!! send along your details Vicky so I can send that one out.

This months prize is a GCD Studios Rose Coloured Chip Sticker Shape Pack.Yummo!