Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Here is another entry from a 'Newbie'...........

Kristie Coleman - October

Hi Shazza, thanks for inviting me over, love your blog! Here is my entry for November

Hey Kristie, thanks for participating in the challenge, love your hand stitched flourish and your handcut cherry blossom tree.
Great pic of the kids having fun on the tyre swing - Shazza


  1. Great handcutting Kristie - must have taken some time and a steady hand ! And what a gorgeous photo ! So innocent and carefree, love it !
    Great take on the challenge !

  2. I agree with Michelle, great handcutting. And the photo is just as adorable as your LO.

  3. i love the stitching and the way that you did your journalling.....the distress look too adds the perfect touch...great job!

  4. love that photo.............. love your handcutting, i so dont have the patience for handcutting that intricate, love all of this

  5. wow..this is gorgeous nd it must hve tken you ges...just love it...xxx

  6. Well done Kristie. What a fun photo to look back at. I like those 'everyday moment' kind of shots. I love handcutting intricate patterned paper, so I appreciate the work gone into your layout and your stitched flourish is just so special.

    :) :) :)

  7. This is a gorgeous layout Kristie... the cherry blossom tree looks amazing! Love the subtle colours too... this lets the photo shine! xxx

  8. Thanks everyone, what a warm and friendly site this is! May sound funny to you all but the stitching was harder for me than the handcutting!

  9. Wow i love this lo, the stitching is fab you rocked it.

    Much Love Katy xx