Sunday, 31 January 2010

Another Fabulous submission from........

Shelee Lark - Are we Having fun Yet?

Hi Shazza,
I found this to be a real challenge this month!
Having no children myself I don't have
'bath-time' pictures except for ones of Holly.
So I wanted to showcase that you can
incorporate your pets into any theme. I've had
these photos of Holly for a while and was happy
to scrap them finally. I tried something new
- plaiting three strands of ribbon to create
a border around the edge of the PP.
Looking forward to next month now!
Cheers, Shelee :)
I love these pics of 'Holly' Shelee! Not sure if she is
enjoying her bath or not.
Love how you
incorporated the plaited ribbon, its great when
a DT tries
something different. The title is perfect,
great layout you handled the
challenge perfectly
- Shazza


  1. Thank you for those kind words Shazza! Holly hates her bath - she runs and hides under the middle of the dining room table chairs where I can't catch her!!


  2. Funny!

    I thought she was just putting on, that sad face hahaha


  3. This is a stunning layout, Holly is so gorgeous, does any dog like having a bath, I know my two don't, I love the title and those photos are gorgeous.

  4. all the bling!!!

  5. what a fantastic layout. The colours are just perfect.

  6. Your LO is super cute! My dog would jump out of the tub if I stepped back to take a picture;0) Love the LO! xx

  7. LOL ! What a great LO, definately made me laugh, poor dog ! Love ALL of it !!