Sunday, 31 January 2010

Hey! Look at this submission from......

Michelle Winston - Suds Lover

Mary Cassatt's painting "The Bath" is a beautifully simple work, depicting a
mother and child, washing the child's feet. I took inspiration from the
simplicity, and also the greeny/teal colour in the painting. I have also
used a bath time photo of my youngest son, who used to adore his
baths...hoping his new resentment of water in general, is just a phase!

Ooh Michelle!! I think you have really captured the Cassatt feel to
this layout. Gorgeous color scheme and look at the little pixie face,
how cute!! You've kept it simple yet stunning. Great work Michelle
- Shazza


  1. That's such a beautiful photo. I love the simplicity of your LO Michelle.


  2. The photo is so gorgeous, I love the simple elegance of this layout, precious photo.

  3. Gorgeous photo and great

  4. Aww, look at that gorgeous face, the colours in this are fab!

  5. What a wonderful LO! You prove that sometimes less is more