Sunday, 3 October 2010

Introducing another new DT member to the Team.....

Megan Vin

Hi All! So great to be here with you at Artastic! I'm a mum to three kids, currently they are 7, 5 and 1. I can't believe how much they bring to my life! I work as an art teacher at a High School in NSW, Australia. I found scrapping at Christmas. My daughters got a scrapbook from Santa ;) and we proceeded to learn the joys of putting pictures we love, together with colour and bits 'n' pieces of stuff from the home. We were on a really constricting budget so I didn't buy anything except some card stock. I found that I really enjoyed scrapping because it allowed me to work creatively yet on a small scale and on something that was meaningful. I tend to use paint a lot, I also have a fairly vast stash of material that I inherited from my grandmother. Other things that I use in my pages I will often have some attachment to. I find it so hard to throw out anything because I can see some other use in it. I try out a whole lot of different styles and themes. I love being inspired by art; the colour, theme or sentiment will make me stop and think. I'm already excited about what I'll learn from being a part of Artastic!

Here are some of Megans favourite layouts to share with you all.......

Awww, but we're Playing

She Wears Velvet to the Beach

Ice Cream

Could everyone Introduce themselves and welcome Megan to ARTastic.

Megan love you example Favourite..... 'She wears Velvet to the Beach',
I love how you added the painted sand, gorgeous seagulls and the pic is fantastic!



  1. Hi Megan...your kids are so very the red velvet beach layout so cool...nice to meet you and cant wait to see more of your work over these next few months...

  2. Hi and welcome to ARTastic Megan! I love your gorgeous arty style! I think using material from your grandmother is a beautiful way to be creative! xxx

  3. Wow Megan, what a wonderful array of pages! Love all your colours, & style. Will be wonderful to see more of your work on these pages.

  4. Megan, these are beautiful. You bring back the meaning of scrapbooking, beautiful pics, color, creativity - love it all

  5. Just adore your work Megan, great to have such a wonderful painter on board, I don't use it enough and all these gorgeous layouts with their wonderful textures rock. Melxx

  6. Hi Megan and welcome to the team! You have a lovely original and fresh style that will definitely inspire others to create.

  7. beautiful pages lovely details.

  8. Really enjoying all the textures and movement on your pages... really looking forward to seeing more! Welcome. :O)