Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Here is our first submission for December......

Peggy Schenkels - Guardian Angel

Hi Shazza,
I have to admit, this challenge wasn't the easiest one for me. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do ... the painting is extremely difficult to follow (which you know I love to do), and the criteria weren't all that easy either!!! I mean ... how do you include a stable (and make it look nice!)???
So, it took me quite some time to get a clear image in my head of what I wanted to do, but once I did, it came together beautifully. The picture shows my 1 month old son (picture taken 11 years ago) and our German Shephard Jenny, who passed away several years ago. She was extremely protective of my kids, and this picture means a lot to me. It really shows her wonderful and kind nature.
I painted a "brick structure" which represents the stable as the background, and copied the angel from an image by a very talented artist named DJ (, which I'll include on my personal blog. The achieve the brick structure I used gel medium and sand before painting, and the structure in the wings was made with mere gel medium. I'll put some close-ups on my blog as well.
Though I struggled a bit at first, once again I'm very happy with the result. Thanks Shazza, for always making me have to use my imagination and creativity that little extra step further!
Love xxx Peggy

Peg! You are an amazing artist and no matter what the criteria you always come up with something 'jaw dropping' :) I Iove how you used the angel image and used gel medium to create the dappled affect on the wings...amazing! and painting a brick structure for a stable........just a brilliant idea. I love this layout and I love the photo you used. This is so inspiring, the DT and followers will love it. Well done! - cheers Shazza


  1. Wow well you seriously rocking it, this is just stunning and yes I agree you have to give it to Shazza for making us always use our imaginations and creativity. This is gorgeous. Melx

  2. wow, wow, stunning, love everything here, absolutely love that angel image

  3. Awesome is all I can say Peggy!!! Talking about rocking this challenge??? You've done it hands down! I love everything about your LO--there is nothing that is not important to this LO! Well done!
    Hugs, RobinJ

  4. wauw beautiful page lovely picture.

  5. Wonderful, heartwarming page Peggy...this really is so great. Love all the work you have put into this...very inspirational!

  6. Simply beautiful, are you gonna frame it?

  7. Your stable and angel are just amazing... you are such a talented artist and scrapbooker and this layout brings together the best of those two worlds! xxx

  8. I knew when I saw your blog it would be fabulous, and yup I love being right!!! ;)
    The painted effects are so lovely. The colour choices are so striking. The stable work is awesome, so unique! Lastly, that photo is so special that I can see this one is straight from the heart.

  9. Oh another beautiful puppy page! This is a gorgeous LO Peggy!

    Shelee xx

  10. What a touching idea! The photo is priceless.