Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Our next inspirational piece comes from.....

Megan Vinn - Freya's 1st and 2nd Xmas

Hi all!
Merry Christmas! Hope you all enjoy the silly
season, I know I'm really looking forward to
it! I've made a page this month with an
aluminium foil base. I scrunched it up and
painted some yellow/gold colour on to it.
My attempts at shopping for scrapbooking
needs have been foiled.... ehem sorry for
the pun! So this is what I thought of. The
pics are of my oldest child. The arch at the
top is meant to represent the stable, a safe
haven for her. I cut up some ribbon and made
bows and hot glued on some other nic nacs.
What a beautifully epic painting this month's
challenge is! So many colours and such movement!
Anyhoo, Have a great month!

Hey Megan!
Thanks for the Christmas well wishes :) I am
amazed at how you can scrunch and paint
aluminium foil and have the whole page look
like a master piece. If I tried that technique
mine would look dreadful :( I love how you did
the arch at the top of the page to look like the
Stable. I love your pics of Freya, its amazing
how much they grow in twelve months.
Great work Megan! - Cheers Shazza


  1. Wow this is simply stunning, what a great technique, I truly love this. You are so artistic. MElxx

  2. oh wow, that background is phenomenal!!!! I so love the look of this! I also love the arch representing the stable, a safe haven ... clever!!!!! I look forward to your entry every month, and you never disappoint!
    xxx Peggy (a fan!)

  3. Wow, Megan, this is a wonderful LO! What a great idea painting over foil-I would've never thought of it! Love the arch and the idea behind it and what sweet pictures of your little one!
    Hugs, Robin

  4. Just love that foil Megan, you are thinking out the square & it is just great! A beautiful arch & sweet photos...a wonderful page.

  5. Your foil background is amazing!!!

  6. This layout is fantastic and I love the painted foil background... the photos are absolutely gorgeous! xxx

  7. Oh WOW! That foil is fantastic! A super dooper page Megan!!!

    Shelee xx